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How to Inspire Trust When You’re Trying to Sell Something

How to Inspire Trust When You’re Trying to Sell Something

During your preschool and elementary school days, it is likely that you trusted almost everyone. Then, something bad eventually happened, and your trust level got broken.

Social media is much like a playground. There are a lot of people out there and they’ve got a lot of different interests and situations. You can reach them, but it will take some work. If you want to build trust with your targeted audience, then you’ll need to do many of the same activities you did as a child:

Make Your Point With Facts

When you and your best friend had an argument about a certain fact, you may have pulled out an encyclopedia or another book to see who was correct. According to Big Fish Presentations, it should be the same way when you are in business, but you should be providing your customers with good data before they want to argue with you. Using statistics to prove that your point of view is the right one builds trust with your audience.

Show Them

When you and your best friend had an argument about who was best at shooting free throws, turning somersaults, or performing some other physical feat, you likely went to the playground and had a contest.

When you’re selling a product, though, there’s more involved than just your personal performance. ASEA explains that “trust is the most important thing to a customer. They need to know they can not only trust you, but also trust the product.”

Convince customers that your product is better than that of the competition takes the same amount of effort. If you are meeting with them in person, show them a real-life demonstration of what your product can offer. Otherwise, shoot a video and post it to the internet to show your targeted audience how your product works.

Be Yourself

When you and your friend gathered at each other’s houses, you could almost predict what the other one was going to do. You didn’t use big words or put on fake airs to try to impress the other person.

When you greet your targeted audience on social media, you should do it in the same way. Show your audience your company’s real personality. As explained by the Marcom Group, “By letting them see you and your employees—and in particular, photos that have your faces or show you working behind the scenes—you give them a sense that you are real people and not a faceless organization.”

This will let you come off as authentic and instantly build trust in your targeted audience’s mind.

Build a Solid Reputation

You quickly developed a reputation in school even if you were the new kid on the block. The same is true of your business. You build your reputation through the reviews that your customers leave you. According to the United States Small Business Administration, “90 percent of respondents who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions.”

Additionally, 86 percent reported being influenced by negative online reviews. Remember that the customer needs to know they can trust both you and your product.

While you are grown-up now with adult responsibilities, proving that you are trustworthy is not so different than it was when you were a kid. Show your target audience that you can be trusted and watch your business grow.

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